Diablo 2 Plushies!

Cutified versions of some Diablo 2 characters!  They were originally designed by a friend of mine and then I turned his sketches into plush form.  We have Diablo himself, Tyrael, and the cow from the secret cow level!

I actually made these last year, but was hanging onto these pics mostly because I was traveling for a while.  I just remembered I had them and how awesome they are!  If there are enough interested, I might create a pattern for the Diablo plushie.  He is pretty huge and hellish!












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  2. sedimin Says:

    I want the cow plushie!
    These are awesome!

  3. Tyler Says:

    These are absolutely killer!
    I myself, would totally buy all three!
    So … thus brings the question… ever going to sell ? : ]

  4. Telos Says:

    I’d be interested in buying all 3 if they were for sale…

  5. Railin Says:


  6. Phil Says:

    Please , Please, Please sell these or make patterns .

    Hell il learn how to sew just to create these, they are awesome !

  7. Lolz Says:

    I wouldn’t count on seeing anything for sale, as I’m sure she doesn’t want to be hit with a lawsuit over licencing.

    Maybe sending a private email with some niceties might get you somewhere though.

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  11. William Bolton Says:

    Nice work!

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