Grayson Battletech Plush!

I was commissioned to create a Battletech plush.  How am I supposed to create a giant robot plush out of fabric?  I guess this is how you do it!  Meet Grayson.  He likes to shoot things with missiles.  He can even stand up on his own! (mostly)

Not even cats can escape his cannons.


  1. Markankhamen Says:

    Ok, you need to mass produce theses. Because I seriously want one. To quote the internets “shut up and take my money!”

  2. Zac Says:

    How much did this cost to commission? I am extremely interested in purchasing one of these (or other ‘Mechs, if they are within a similar price range).

  3. Kain Says:

    Ermagherd! Want. <3 Seriously, this is awesome and fantastic and I would love to have one someday. Would love to know the commission price.

  4. Alix Says:

    I will be able to take custom orders on this plush if anyone wants to email me directly and find out some details :)

  5. Zac Says:

    Thank you for responding so quickly, I will contact you via email shortly.

  6. “Der vielfältige Marodeur” | Says:

    [...] (Quelle) [...]

  7. Jess K Says:

    Please tell me you can still make this! My 5-year-old is in love.

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