The Alot is Better Than You at Everything

As much as I try to be a grammatically conscientious person, sometimes my inferior understanding of the English language demotes me to fall victim to the infamous grammar Nazis on the internet.  It didn’t matter how much I tried in school to memorize spelling and grammar.  I suppose it happens to the best of us.

So in light of all that, someone asked me to create the amazing Alot!  He was originally created by Allie Brosh over at Hyperbole and a Half, a hilarious web comic.  One of her readers asked me to make the Alot for them.  He was fun to make and I think he turned out great!  Check him out.

He really is better than you at everything.  Even my cat.  He is better than my cat.  As you can see my cat is trying to be better than the Alot, but he just simply inferior to the awesomeness of the Alot.  My cat has a lot of issues with this.


  1. derek Says:

    Love it! =) thanks Alot!

  2. kate Says:

    This is adorable! I showed it to my sister (who happens to be an english teacher) and she wants one for her desk! Such a wicked idea!

  3. Jennifer Ankney Says:

    I want one. Where can I get one?

  4. marti Says:

    alot has alot going for it! alot is way cooler in 3D than 2D. I don’t suppose alot is riding on alot’s success?
    running out of coolness adjectives for your plushie work here!

  5. Kizmo Says:

    LOVE IT!!

  6. grammar dude Says:

    That is very awesome. I hate to be the one to say it though, but you don’t use an apostrophe to pluralize. Nazis is plural, Nazi’s refers to ownership.

  7. Alix Says:

    @grammar dude Dangit! I knew it was only a matter of time :) I’m not changing it.

  8. Jenn Says:

    Any chance you’re making more alots? I’m furiously searching for a stuffed alot and yours is amazing!

  9. Sohl Says:


    You’ve really stumbled onto something here… Allie’s Alot comic may be more popular than you know. I think there are a lot of people who would die to own one of your stuffed alots, and if Allie links to your Etsy for it, you could make a lot of money (you could make alot of money too, but it would probably cost quite a bit)!

    All this to say… I was casually searching for a plush alot and yours is brilliant and I for one would buy one in an instant! So please give us the opportunity! :)

  10. Alix Says:

    @ Sohl Allie’s comics/blog is awesome and I was really excited to make this Alot when someone commissioned it. I have tried contacting Allie directly but haven’t heard anything back. Either way, I hope she enjoys it!

  11. Sara Says:

    I will pay good money for an Alot. Seriously. Can I order one?

  12. World’s Strangest | The Proliferation of a Virtual Species: You’ll Like This Alot Says:

    [...] Alix was requested to make an alot by a friend, and came through with this awesome plush toy. See more pictures at her site Arixystix. [...]

  13. Joi Says:

    I agree with several commenters here: I want an Alot, and would be happy to pay for one! IT’S SO CUTE!!! And squishy!! <3 <3 <3

  14. Ryan Says:

    I am seriously interested in ordering one of these from you. Please let me know if we can work something out.

  15. Emma Says:

    Is there anyway I could get a pattern for an Alot from you?

  16. Jen Says:

    Your Alot is adorable! I would love to buy one if you every start selling them. Please let me know!

  17. Erica Says:

    ADORABLE. My roommate and I just LOL’d!

  18. Natalie Says:

    This is BRILLIANT, and looks to be beautifully made as well. I also love the pic with cat.

  19. Twila Says:

    You should contact Allie Bosh and work out a business deal with her to make and sell them and give her a cut for it being her creation. I’d love one, and I bet they’d sell well!

  20. Humorless Grammar Nazi Says:

    Grammar “Nazi’s”???? Surely you mean grammar *Nazis*. TO THE REMEDIAL GRAMMAR CAMPS WITH HIM!

  21. Alix Says:

    @Twila I have tried contacting her just to share my creation with her, but I haven’t heard back :(

  22. Alix Says:

    @Humorless Grammar Nazi LOL I’m totally not gonna change it now :P

  23. Jackie Says:

    This might just be the coolest plushy I’ve ever seen! If you’d be willing to sell them (and ship them to Germany), I’d absolutely want one! I hope you know how very, very talente you are :)

  24. MikeDamrat Says:

    i need this alot

  25. Boogra Says:

    I came here because I saw the grammar beacon, just to tell you that there is no apostrophe after the plural usage of Nazi, and that the use of an apostrophe indicates ownership, rather than multiples.

    However, I see that someone else has beaten me to it. Therefore, I won’t tell you that.

    Have a nice day. I like your Alot.

  26. Avocet Says:

    Oh, I hope Allie lets you sell these! You could sell… alot. (Sorry.)

  27. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh my GOODNESS.
    I would give almost anything for an Alot, or the pattern…any chance you would be willing to share?

  28. want Says:

    I want that alot — please email me and let me know the cost.

  29. Alot of Awesome Says:

    I know someone that would allot a lot of love to that alot. That being said, could you email me with a price on one? Thanks!

  30. Gemma Says:

    I would like to know how much an Alot would cost… I’m thinking of buying one!

  31. AstralSakura Says:

    I want an Alot alot XDDDDDDDD price??? XD shipping costs for Mexico?? I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed one!!!! XD

  32. Healer Leona Says:

    OMG must have!!! Are you selling these? I really, really hope so. I love Alot!

  33. CoffeeForEden Says:

    I like this Alot, I would like to own this Alot. (would it cost a lot to make an Alot and ship it to VA, USA?)

  34. Leah Says:

    hi if you’re ever selling any, i would love to buy one! it’s amazing! let me know :)

  35. derps Says:

    If you could like, sell these, I would give you alot of Love.

  36. whoever Says:

    on tumblr, this alot has more than 1000 notes right now, and maybe the original poster wasn’t the only one. Please start selling them, after talking to Allie. You will be flooded with orders, I promise.

  37. Todd H. Page Says:


  38. Stacey Says:

    I need this Alot! Please let me know if you start selling them, because I will definitely be buying a few!

  39. Hannah Says:

    DO WANT. I would LOVE one of these Alot’s a LOT! If you ever start selling them, you definitely have me as a customer!

  40. PG Says:

    I need this ALOT for a lot of reasons.

    All of which are because I need it.

  41. Nena Says:

    My boyfriend made me an Alot hat today, no where as amazing as this. But if at any given time you sell these, I will gladly buy one for him. :D

  42. Alix Says:

    ohmygosh! Send me some pictures! I would love to see the Alot hat!!!

  43. Megan Says:

    I too am an English teacher who would love to purchase one of your alots if you have any for sale. Please let me know.

  44. Peter Says:

    Add me to the list of people who’d buy an Alot plushie right now if they were available. Let me know!

  45. Kate Says:

    Another alot, please. I need it. Alot. Pretty please?

  46. Lisa Says:

    Can I be another person on the list of people who would buy an Alot plushie without a second thought if they were widely available? This is adorable!

  47. Alicia Says:

    One more in line for an alot. Please and thank you!

  48. Brendan Says:

    It looks like there has been a lot of requests for Alot.

    Any chance I can add my voice to Alot commissioners?

  49. Betsy Says:

    Even if you don’t want to make 120947239486203954 ALOTs for people, I’d totally buy the sewing pattern! I’d make my own herd of ALOTs.

  50. Banai Lynn Feldstein Says:

    This alot just found me. More than a year later and there’s no sewing pattern yet? There’s alot of wrong in that.

  51. Andrea Says:

    I really really want one of these. It’s trending and whoever made it can make bank. Just saying.

  52. Sharon Says:

    Add me to the list of people willing to pay for alot!

  53. Breeder Says:

    I NEED an Alot and this one is adorable! You and Allie B. should get together and make a bazillionity dollars.

  54. Alex Says:

    This pretty much takes the cake for cute fat n pudgy animals. Id definitely be interested in a commission if you’re still making them…

  55. Chris Says:

    I would love one of these!

    Do you take paypal? Ship to the UK?

    You could really make a fortune out of these judging by interest!

  56. Annie Says:

    Do you have a sewing pattern for this? I’m making an alot plush for my sister and this is the best I’ve seen, but really struggling getting the right shape. Please help ASAP, I won’t make money off it it’s just a gift that I’m making :) Thank you in advance

  57. rob Says:

    Oooooowwwwww :-)

  58. Claire Says:

    Seriously, Etsy shop. TAKE MY MONEY.

  59. Mekayla Says:

    I learned about the Alot in my English class a few days ago and looked up to see if you could buy one. I was wondering if there was anyway I could get one of these? If so how much would it be?

  60. Sonny Says:

    Oh me, he’s PERFECT! :D

  61. Myxy Says:

    Please add me to the long list of people who would love to have a lovely alot sitting by my desk!

  62. Lidocain Says:

    Add me too :) I WANT ALOT a lot !

  63. Iva Says:

    I want Alot, a lot! Please, make more.

  64. Clive Says:

    Another resounding call for you to make more. I’ll buy it at a high price!

  65. Lauria Says:

    This is AMAZING. Really well-crafted.

    And now I covet it BAD.

  66. Evie Says:

    I want this alot!

  67. Mj Says:

    I want this alot.

  68. April Says:

    I am an English teacher, and I want this Alot a lot.

  69. Chrissy Says:

    I want one Alot!

  70. Amanda Says:

    I’m far too happy about this plushie. I want an alot of fur to call my own.

  71. Jennska Says:

    I vote with all the others, I would love love love to have this join my life. Pattern, etsy shop, whatever.

  72. Katy Says:

    Aaaaah, I would really really love one. Seriously, a pattern or an actual stuffed animal or whatever. This is amazing.

  73. Emmalee Says:

    How. HOW could I purchase one of these animals?

  74. Mary Nesbitt-Larking Says:

    PLEASE please please may I buy an Alot from you? I’d pay such ALOT ;D

  75. Genevieve Says:

    Please please PLEASE tell me I can purchase one of these from you. I need it for the reference desk at the library I work at.

  76. Nicky Davidson Says:

    I want this Alot. Please go into business with Allie.

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