Darkforge and the Nekro Punge Plushie

It’s been too long since my last post and that’s mostly due to me getting back into the game industry.  That’s another post for another day, but here is something that has also been pre-occupying my time lately.

Late last year, after returning from our amazing trip through Mexico and Central America, I was approached by a game studio (darkForge) who had recently been funded through Kickstarter to create a game called Nekro.  If you haven’t heard of Nekro yet, go check it out because it is an amazing looking game.  They had promised some of their Kickstarter backers a plushie from one of the characters in their game, The Punge.

Guess who got to make 50 Punge plushies!?  Aww Yiss.

So I spent the better part of a few months designing, sewing, and stuffing these cute little guys and now they are ready to be shipped out from darkForge when the game is released!

Check out some pictures below and be sure to check out Nekro.  Until next time!

Latest update from darkForge on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/343838885/nekro/posts/521846








Bioshock Infinite Songbird Plush

Songbird, Songbird, see him fly. Drop the children from the sky. When the young ones misbehave, escorts children to their grave.

In celebration of a character that will surely go down in video game history, I have created a Songbird plushie from the just released Bioshock: Infinite!  He is 110% 10 times overflowing with awesome.

UPDATE 2: Child’s Play has removed my auction on Ebay so here is a new link to the new auction.

UPDATE: I am currently auctioning off this dude on Ebay.  I don’t have plans to take any commissions for this plush in the near future, so this will be your chance to get your very own Songbird plush.

I originally had plans to put some armature wire inside of his wings so they would stand up better on his back, but decided to keep them floppy to add to his cuddle factor.  He also has a little removable saddle on his back :)

Check him out below!








Heavy Gear Lancier Plush!

Every since posting pictures of one of my last commissions, the Battle Tech Plush, I have got a lot of attention and requests to make other mech.  This one is the latest and greatest, the Heavy Gear Lancier Plush!  This plush was probably one of the most complex plushies I have ever attempted.  He had close to 100 pieces and movable joints for maximum battle tactics and maneuvering.  He came out really big and cuddle and you can even remove his missiles!  I think I would have like to sew the hands a bit different, but all in all I think he turned out great.  Check this dude out!








Diablo 2 Plushies!

Cutified versions of some Diablo 2 characters!  They were originally designed by a friend of mine and then I turned his sketches into plush form.  We have Diablo himself, Tyrael, and the cow from the secret cow level!

I actually made these last year, but was hanging onto these pics mostly because I was traveling for a while.  I just remembered I had them and how awesome they are!  If there are enough interested, I might create a pattern for the Diablo plushie.  He is pretty huge and hellish!











Grayson Battletech Plush!

I was commissioned to create a Battletech plush.  How am I supposed to create a giant robot plush out of fabric?  I guess this is how you do it!  Meet Grayson.  He likes to shoot things with missiles.  He can even stand up on his own! (mostly)

Not even cats can escape his cannons.

The Anteloupe and Honey Doe! And Mini Plush Reindeer!

I went a little crazy this week and got inspired to make some adorable plush deer/antelope.  I call them the Anteloupes!  They are special breed of African Antelope and organic locally grown cantaloupe and honey dew!  I present to thee…the Anteloupe and Honey Doe!

And I also became obsessed with making little mini deers too!  I love their little feeties!  These are just regular deer though, they were not cross bred with fruit…however there are theories that they may have been bred with swirly fabrics and beautiful color combinations.

Mr. Fancy Pants Wind Swept Bunny

My parents are in the process of remodeling their home and it is starting to look very nice.  I mean, it was always nice, but now it’s starting to look fancy, perhaps even regal.  I always feel like I should be sipping expensive wine while listening to classical music in their new library…wait we already do this almost every day!

Anyway, being in their home makes me feel fancy so I decided to get fancy with one of my Wind Swept Bunnies.  All he needs now is a glass of wine!

Braaaiiins!! The Wind Swept Bunny Zombie!

Brains and Bunnies.  What more could you ask for!?  This is definitely what an undead Wind Swept Bunny would look like.  Just in time for Halloween!

Eggselent Baby Chick Deviled Eggs!

It’s not even close to Easter, but my mom and I found some images of baby chick deviled eggs online and just had to try it out!  I found this blog post from A Thrift Mom and made a few adjustments to the ingredients.  I think they turned out adorable!  And delicious!

Unfortunately while I was making them, I accidently the whole salt container into the egg mixture and had to try some tricks to make it less salty.  Always check the caps to your salt before vigorously shaking the salt!

Aaannnddd…..We’re Back!

Hi Everyone!  Arixystix Creations is officially back in business!  I’ve traveled the world and seen some amazing things and now that I’m back state side I am ready to start craftin’ it up!

In other news, while I was traveling, I was still able to get creative with some things and ended up painting a few murals.  You can check out some of the work I did HERE.

I have a ton of new ideas and projects to get going for Arixystix Creations, so here we go!

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